When we use rbgp multihope ,do we need to give exact number hope to run bgp

Also what we do after using clear bgp * only

This is all about TTL Value we have to increase in case of destination is not reachable in by default value which is 1 for EBGP multihop.
So it’s not mandatory to give exact number, but you must give at least number of hops coming to reach before destination.
For example :
if destination is 3 hop away you have to give at least “ebgp-multihop 3”. or may give more than that. like “ebgp-multihop 5” , “ebgp-multihop 6”

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After running the “clear ip bgp *” command you can check your bgp and routing table and see if the chnages you made are reflecting in the tables or not.

**Clear ip bgp *** - will tear-down and reset all bgp tcp connections so it must be used with caution especially on a isp rtr - however you can use a related command that will not be as intrusive as the above that will request and refresh the bgp tables via the bgp route refresh capability, the below commands can do such a job.

clear ip bgp * soft
clear ip bgp * soft in/out
clear ip bgp soft in/out

hope this helps!