What is Prefix List and where do use it?

I would like to know if Prefix List is the same as Access List and what is the difference ?

ACl is used for traffic filtering and prefix-list is used for route filtering.

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Thank you man… so basically I would use prefix list in BGP and other routing protocols right ?

A Prefix list is like a magic list that helps decide which paths data can take on the internet. It’s like having a special map for the internet.

With the Prefix list, you can tell the internet some rules. For example, you can say, “Let’s allow all the data from the le /20 ge /24. It means smaller than or equal to /20, and bigger than or equal to /24.” That means the data between /20 to /24 will go or not go depends you have given permit or deny rule in prefix list.

Another tool called “Access List,” but it’s a bit trickier to use because it doesn’t have the cool range rules like the Prefix list.

Just not as easily as the Prefix list.