VLAN Configuration in L3 architecture

Hi Guys,

I have configured this lab with 3 VLAN network.

On 1st L3 switch VLAN and IP already configured and VLAN Ip used as getway. How to do the same configuration on 2nd L3 switch without changing getway ?

.pkt file

Hi Mahesh,

You can configure this same like you have configured in the 1st L3 Switch.
you can check the SVI configuration. SVI IP’s will be set as default gateway for LAN Network to communicate with other VLAN.

Hope this helps.


Make sure to enable ip routing command in Layer 3 Switch for communication

I think your question is related to the HSRP topic, the concept of redundancy

Watch if you have the time. Just take a look after 1 hour, 59 minutes at Biggest CCNA Lab | Industry Concepts | Network Kings - YouTube.

We have to give similar subnet IP to second layer 3 switch.
And afterwards we have to use Gateway load balancing protocol like HSRP or VRRP.