Switch virtual interface

let suppose there is a Vlan of 100 users and we have two distribution switches ,50 users are connected under one DS and other 50 users are connected with second DS, both are located in different locations and we have to make connectivity among all 100 users.
How we will perform this activity.

Please specify more , how far both switches are , Are they in different cities or different buildings ?

They are in different buildings

Yes, now it’s better to answer

Note: Since there aren’t multiple VLAN’s, you don’t need SVI (Switch Virtual Interface)

This is physical connectivity I’m sharing about
So there are two common ways wired and wireless. In context of wired there are further two ways

#1. You can use Switch’s fiber port and can connect them using Fiber Cable if distance is max than 100 meter. you will have to use Media Converter or SFP Module in order to terminate the cable.

#2. If distance is under or less than 100 you can go ahead with straight cable just put them into uplinks and enjoy

for wireless you can refer to this link :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

Heads Up ! Don’t forget to configure the trunk port if you have multiple VLANs also Even if you have single vlan you have specified other than native vlan which is usually 1. For more clarity go to Vlan’s topic

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