Subnetting Question simulation

@atulsharma Sir,

i got below question from some online subnetting simulation.

just want to know
how showing 46 hosts. as per this subnet, hosts should be 62.
how showing 28 hosts ------------------------------- should be 30
how showing 11 hosts ---------------------------------- should be 14
as per my calculation subnet will have 126 Hosts.
Kindly explain…

@Umeshkumar >> Yes, for the given subnet, 7 host bits so 2^7-2= 126 valid host IP’s are there in this subnet ranging to
For will have 62 valid hosts ( to,
For will have 14 valid hosts ( to,
For will have 30 valid hosts ( to,
For will have 2 valid hosts ( to >> these two assigned to connected router interfaces.
In the topology, I think they have mentioned total assigned hosts out of the possible valid hosts in those respective subnets, thus mentioned 46,11 & 28 hosts. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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@parag_gajpure yes i think they have mentioned hosts in topology either assigned or remaining hosts in those subnet…


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