Static Routing General Discussion

Configuration and maintanance of Static router is simple or complex in big network ? How ?

Configuring and maintaining static routes can become much more complex and time-consuming in a large network with complex topology and many subnets. In such networks, it may not be practical to manually configure and maintain static routes on each router, as this would be very labor-intensive and error-prone.

In a small network with only a few routers and a limited number of subnets, configuring and maintaining static routes can be relatively simple

Thank You, But in quiz of Basics & Static Routing it is showing like easy maintenance can you check ? I have subitted quiz that’s why I can not open same quiz second time.

Hi Mahesh
As explained by Nithish, the static routing is error prone and labor-intensive in large networks. It is always recommended to configure a dynamic routing protocol of your choice in large routing domain. But as per your question, the static routing configuration is simple because you don’t need to learn the basic fundamentals and complex behavior of a routing protocol in order to configure routing. You can add a static routing using a very simple command and to troubleshoot the network, you just need to check the network address and next-hop address.
Hope it helps ! keep learning !