Remove local user from all L2 switches

Hi Atul Sir,
I have created a local user on the core switch(L3) and then that local user getting reflected on all the L2 switches through trunking but now i have removed that local user from the core switch(L3) but that local user is still showing on the L2 what i need to do remove this local user from all L2 switches.

You created users with username and password command ?

Where you see the users in L2 device ?

When run the command sh running config… show the usersname of all L2 switches, While I have removed the username Abhishek1 from the L3 switch.

our all switches are login via RADIUS, we have created only one local user cisco for backup(if Radius failover)

Create your users in radius server. If you create in local devices they will show you in running configuration.

However, since you mentioned that you have removed the username “Abhishek1” from the L3 switch, it is important to note that the “sh running-config” command will only display the configuration currently in effect.

Therefore, if you have already removed the username, it should not be listed in the output of the command.

Remove from your Startup configuration.

Restart the device and Let me know.