## OSPF Interview Questions

OSPF Interview Question

In MPLS network how will we check if tunnel got down ???

Important IGP protocol { OSPF / IS-IS }

If MPLS network down, How can we check in OSFP what happeded ???

If the LDP went down in OSFP how will we check which parameter down ???

What is VRF ???

resiliency up or down in the ospf network how will we check ???

If you are getting the prefixes how will you check both the prefixes are getting from both side or single line ???

How OFPF will choose the shortes path ???

How will you manupulate the path in OSFP ???

What is the BFD ???

VRF Troubleshooting / RDRT Troubleshooting / IS-IS troubleshooting / BFD protocol / VRF Protocol ???

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