ODR (On Demand Routing)

In my office network in Router, I can see some route starts with “O”. While I searched “O” stands for On Demand Routing.

My question is what is ODR and in which scenario it can be use?


ODR is very old type of Routing !!


ODR stands for On-Demand Routing. It is a routing protocol used in computer networks to dynamically determine the best path for data packets to travel from the source to the destination. ODR is typically used in scenarios where the network topology changes frequently or where there is limited bandwidth available.

In ODR, routers maintain a routing table that contains information about the network topology and the available paths to different destinations. When a packet needs to be transmitted, the source router consults its routing table to determine the next hop router that can best deliver the packet towards the destination. This process is repeated at each router along the path until the packet reaches its final destination.

ODR is particularly useful in scenarios where the network is highly dynamic, such as in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) or wireless mesh networks. These networks often have nodes that move or join and leave the network frequently, causing the network topology to change. ODR allows routers to adapt to these changes and find the most efficient path for data transmission.

Additionally, ODR can be beneficial in scenarios with limited bandwidth. By dynamically selecting the best path for each packet, ODR can optimize the utilization of available bandwidth and reduce congestion in the network.

Overall, ODR is a flexible and efficient routing protocol that can be used in various scenarios where network topology changes frequently or where there are bandwidth constraints.

@atulsharma Sir. Thanks to share the details about ODR.

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