Network DHCP Server ,Firewall L2+ Switch

Sir I am sharing you the topology, kindly clarify the doubt

In firewall the Default and VLAN interfaces are configured. In Windows Server DHCP Server is configured and in L2+ Managed Switch i am only configuring the VLAN ID and DHCP Relay. Since the interfaces are in firewall, am i able to receive the DHCP address from the DHCP Server?

Yes, if the firewall is properly configured to allow DHCP traffic between the interfaces, you should be able to receive a DHCP address from the DHCP Server.

The VLAN configuration on the L2+ Managed Switch and the DHCP Relay should also be properly set up to forward the DHCP messages from the VLAN interfaces to the DHCP Server.

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I tried configuring, but i am unable to receive the different Vlan DHCP Pool from Server, i am able to getting Default Vlan DHCP Pool from server.
Please elaborate, where to be configured properly. Kindly oblige

You have to use IP helper command to use different vlan DHCP Server.

Hello Sir, i have configured everything(DHCP-Relay) yet i am able to receive IP of Default LAN from DHCP Pool but not for other VLANS

In all vlans interfaces you have to give IP helper command.

Ok sir, will check it and will update