NAT & PAT configuration for WEB hosting using personal SERVER

If I have an HTTP server on my network with private IP, and I have configured PAT, and modified DNS records in my purchased domain name settings to my leased line, will it be accessible because I am not using static NAT for one to one translation, or do I need to configure static NAT, if yes, then will static NAT and PAT on same public IP work?

Could you please share question with topology, so can understand better?

so basically we have taken a leased line with static IP. which is used only for internet connectivity, what if I create an HTTP server using windows server and create a website. If I purchase domain name and change its IP address to my leased line IP in the DNS records, will i be able to access ,my website from the internet.

And i have configured PAT, but will i need to configure static NAT?

Yes you can access this website from internet. You need to configure port forwarding in your wan router.

And i think in topology your connectivity is wrong as DNS server would not be connected between two routers. This server will not do routing. and and you will not be able to reach your leased line IP.