IT-support tasks

Hi Sir, I need your support for below topic:

a) Secure configuration for a WiFi router or Access point
b) Config Remote VPN

kindly confirm the router model.

Unifi AP U6. This is configured and managed by a web UI controller. Sir, I want to know that when we setup any kind of wireless router or access points, what are the key features and options that should be use in a way that they provide us a secure internet connection and not causing speed issue.
I am asking this question to configure a company Wi-Fi that it can overcome the cyber attacks even in a limited way but it will provide a secure conenction.

once try to check with this
click here

Hi Sir, yes this article is quite helpful. But in this article in the configuration section of Guest profile, it selects “no authentication” option. Means it didn’t choose the password. And in this section, I don’t have understanding that what can be happen if I select the options “Landing page” and “Redirection”.

Sir, If you give a basic overview on this topic during our CCNP Encor Weak days session, it will be so informative me and all my batchmates. Every network engineer should also have the knowledge of this configuration. Sir, I requested to you that please give an overview on this topic.

Redirection page maybe your company website. Whenever Guest connect with wifi you want to forward.
Like in Network Kings office when someone comes I want to forward them to our website.