EIGRP drawbacks

EIGRP is, this much better protocol than why it is not being utilised in telecommunication ?

Like, Jio is using Cisco only for routing but they not using EIGRP.

What should be drawback of EIGRP ?

EIGRP is not open standard till 2013. And Many companies still do not use EIGRP in their Operating system.

JIO is using juniper networks also in their core network. How you come to know they using cisco only ?

EIGRP drawback you can connect max 255 routers.

Thank you Sir,

2017 to 2019, I was in Jio as OFC maintenance Cluster lead in Surat city and in intracity network there is only Cisco.

And as you say they are using juniper, even they are also using Alcatel & Ciena also but on transport layer (AG1)