Default route From ISP..?


Hi Mr. Atul
This is from BGP Real LAB… As per the attached image, all the ISP will do this configuration by default as we are taking the BGP from them…? or is it need any spcl request…?

That’s depend on how strong and efficient your router is , that can handle ton of routes/prefixes. If your router is not so capable to store all the routes/prefixes you can request some partial prefixes or get default route.

it means all routers does not handle default routes due to their handling capacity issue.

May I right sir.???

A router can easily handle a default-route because it includes all the possible IP networks. In case, a router receive a packet and the destination network is unknown but a router is having a default-route, the router will forward the traffic towards the next-hop of the default-route.
So if a router is not capable of storing individual routes information, you can provide a default-route to that router towards the ISP router.
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