Configuring router with ISP

I got an opportunity to try default routing practically.

In a Cisco load balancer just as it was taught

Configured Interface with ISP IP address, subnet mask, and gateway

Configured other interface with a private ip and DHCP as well.

And then default routing.

I connected a PC, I was able to ping the ISP Gateway from PC connect on LAN interface but PC was not able to access internet.

Did I miss something?

Share your topology.

You have covered NAT Topic in your class ?

Sir I’m in your current batch… NAT topic is not covered.

There is a wireless device from which a cat 6 cable is brought to server room.

That cable is inserted in Cisco load balancer interface 0/9

Static ip given by ISP is

In load balancer interfaces 0/0 to 0/7 is configured as vlan 1 and given private ip
And DHCP is configured

So I connected the ISP cable to 0/9 and set ip and subnet.

And configured default routing as

IP route


You have to configure nat to convert private ip into given isp public IP.

ok sir,

upon searching and trying a different things.
this command worked.
“access-list 1 permit”
“ip nat inside source list 1 interface gig0/9 overload”

but i hope to learn what this command means and how it works in coming lectures

Yeah NAT Topic you should learn soon.