Configuration of VLAN & Trunk

In this attached lab I create 3 VLAN network with 3 layer design.

if i am lossing connectivity between floor 1-2, or 2-3 in that case I am not able to ping to PC which is in same vlan

Mahesh i have created the same lab but i am able to ping ,can share your pkt file so that i can troubleshoot and tell whats the issue.

Hi Sachin but not able to attach .pkt file


All the Access switch ports are trunked.
Multilayer Interfaces are trunked.
Access switches have all the required l2 Vlan.
Multilayer should have all the SVI’s up.

Now with the above checks done, you should be able to ping any host in any vlan from any floor according to your connectivity

Hi Mahesh,

I have received your PKT file.
The CORE SWITCH doesnt have the VLAN configuration. Please add the VLAN and try to check.
I tested it and it is working


Thank you, anup, it’s resolved

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