- 35, it possible to get this ip range?

for a subnetting part, if I want to make a small subnet from between: - then how it’s possible. any idea?


I am Laksh, one of the trainers.

Yes, it is possible.
Considering that .19 and .35 are subnet id and broadcast id, there are 14 usable IP addresses.

2^H - 2 is the calculation for host IPs.

H=4 and hence 2^4 - 2 = 14.

32 - 4 = 28.

You can choose a subnet mask of /28 or to create the desired IP address range.

Thanks for your reply, But I want to use to ip address range only. the method you have mentioned is good for subnet selection like /28. and how much host required. But I want to use range not from 19 to 35, is is possible. and then what would be the network id and broadcast address

Hi Rishi!

Could you please explain your question in detail?

Hi Laksh,
You mentioned the subnet only. but I need to know the network id and broadcast ip. for the mentioned range from to

The range you have given comes under to subnet.
and for this range Network id is and broadcast ip is
and valid range of ip’s are to
Hope my reply clear your doubt. Pls correct if i am wrong…!!!

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